About us

The company DJ CIRRUS GmbH

The company DJ CIRRUS GmbH was founded in early 2012. Our company headquarters is in Wesseling, Germany.

We have made it our area of specialisation to make light hardening plastic usable by everyone on a professional level. For this purpose, we have developed different pens which contain an LED in order to harden the plastic “in a flash” in just a few seconds.

The product

The special thing about our product is that the plastic hardens exactly when it is radiated with the LED. It has a service life of many years, is solvent-free and does not harden by itself.

This is a pen filled with a liquid plastic. A removable LED is mounted to the pen. It can be used any time and anywhere.

Our plastic can be filed, varnished or polished into a shape.

Our product is available from leading DIY stores in Germany and Europe. The product will be available in leading international DIY stores.

Please contact us for further information about our trademarks and business opportunities.

Some sample applications include:

  • Repair of damages to wood (parquet, furniture, door frame, etc.)
  • Repair of chips in stone and tiles
  • Sealing pressure-free fluid lines
  • Sealing to protect surfaces against oxidation.
  • Protecting electrical contacts against corrosion and moisture
  • Modelling missing fragments
  • Repair of plastic parts
  • Protection of sensitive corners and edges
  • Repair of breakages and chips in swimming pools
  • Closing up bore holes
  • and much more